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Afrin Sopariwala, AWC, Ayurvedic Practitioner at Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine
Afrin Sopariwala, AWC

Afrin Sopariwala, AWC, has been studying Ayurveda since 2013 and recently received both her Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor certification and Panchakarma Technician certification through Kerala Ayurveda Academy. Originally from Mumbai, India, Afrin has lived in Seattle since 2011.

After suffering from frequent and severe heartburn, Afrin’s physician prescribed medication that would stop her stomach from producing acid. It was at that moment that Afrin decided to look into Ayurveda. Because it’s the medicine of her homeland, Afrin says that studying Ayurveda helped her to reconnect to her innate nature as a self-healer.

In Afrin’s words, “Ayurveda is a profound, simple, and unique system of health and well-being that considers the human being as a mind-body-spirit complex and sees each human as a unique blend of the five universal elements. Each Ayurvedic treatment or recommendation is unique to the patient in consideration, and I think that empowers people to learn about their own connection to the world and their health.”

The quirky, eclectic vibe and the city’s vibrant social justice communities are the features of Seattle that Afrin loves best. In her free time, Afrin walks her dogs, enjoys Blues dance, and acting as an advocate for social and climate justice.