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Emily Paul, Acupuncturist at Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine
Emily Paul, EAMP, LAc

Stress, Anxiety, depression, and PTSD are some of the conditions that Emily specializes in.  She believes in the interrelationship between emotions and mental health and what we feel in our body.  A great focus of her work with clients is helping them reconnect with their body in a positive way and to connect with a sense of peace from within.  This connection, she finds, helps clients improve their personal relationship with their self as well as relationships and experiences at work and home.

Emily Paul, EAMP, LAc, has been practicing acupuncture since January 2013. Born in Iowa and raised in Minnesota, Emily has lived in Sweden, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and now Seattle for almost eight years. In addition to seeing clients at Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine, Emily is the founder and owner of Aum Holistic Healing Arts in Wallingford, and she sees patients at GoodMedizen Acupuncture & Herbs in downtown Seattle.

In Emily’s words, “Acupuncture is a way to connect with individuals wherever they’re at on their journey and to be able to support their path of finding greater health and well-being. When we’re pain-free, and when we aren’t burdened by anxiety or depression, we respond differently to the world. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine help to remove or lessen some of those obstacles so that an individual can really thrive.”

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