Listen to Dr. Anup’s Podcast about the Culture of Well-Being


During my residency at the Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Medical Clinic (ANMC), I began to realize the importance of adopting a “culture of well-being” as the ideal way of creating both an internal and an external environment for cultivating health, thus healing disease and preventing illness.

A culture is a container, like a basket, woven with the threads of beliefs and behaviors. Culture informs us of who we are and where we belong. In turn, a culture of well-being informs us what is best for our health and wellness at all times. It is something that is adapted from models like Ayurveda—individualized and then applied to cultivate optimal well-being and freedom from disease. Ayurveda provides a model for diets, daily routines, spiritual practices, thoughts and beliefs, and even a secular model of spirituality that can be adopted by all aspirants.

A Culture of Well-Being at Natural Rhythms Integrative MedicineThrough the culture of well-being at NRIM, I hope to offer solutions-based discussions on healthcare topics. I integrate ancient wisdom with modern insights to offer a unique perspective on removing the obstacles to health and optimizing the conditions for well-being by cultivating the healing power of nature from within.

Nature complements life, and life is meant to complement nature; otherwise, life wouldn’t exist on Earth. The many millennia of an evolutionary relationship with the Earth have given rise to an intricate healing system that interacts and responds to our natural environment, foods, and natural medicines in an adaptive way to prevent illness and overcome disease. The scope of this natural medicine is physical, mental/emotional, energetic, and spiritual.

In addition, I believe that humans are inherently spiritual beings. This spirituality encompasses the capacity for self-love, peace, compassion, and adaptability that can be developed and is key to healing mental and emotional ailments. Having discovered the efficacy of ancient spiritual technologies through my journey, it is an honor to share this wisdom with all beings who seek it.