Natural medicine practitioners from around the world agree on at least one thing: “Just as beauty is inherent in a flower, light is inherent in the Sun, healing is inherent in a living person.” The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine open with this acknowledgement.

Naturopathic Doctors’ Principles of Practice

Vis Medicatrix Naturae: The Healing Power of Nature
Tolle Causum: Identify and Treat the Causes
Nocere: First Do No Harm
Docere: Doctor as Teacher
Tolle Totum: Treat the Whole Person
Preventare: Prevention

“Vis Medicatrix Naturae” states the importance of “the healing power of nature” that we possess as an inherent part of our being.

Human beings are a part and product of Nature. Scientists from our ancient past saw this without the need for telescopes and microscopes. Instead, with the power of observation, they understood the patterns and rhythms of Nature and their effect on our body. Based on these observations, they developed natural sciences of medicine that focused on disease prevention and healing through natural means of the body, mind, and spirit.

From a modern scientific perspective, we can say that we have evolved with nature over the course of hundreds of thousands of years. We didn’t evolve in hospitals or with using pharmaceuticals. Instead, we evolved to survive through the grace and abundance of natural resources that made up our living environment. These natural recourses are the myriad of vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, grains, animal products, herbs, and spices available to us as well as the Sun, air, and water.

With the aid of modern science, we are capable of understanding physiological imbalances that lead to disease and pain. Our body is readily able to use the medicinal compounds from foods and herbs as signals and building blocks to restore health and balance to physiology. Thus, food as medicine stimulates the healing power of Nature inherent in us.

Just as a culture serves as a container for society, and just as cathedrals or temples are a container for prayers and religious activity, adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle creates a container for a well-lived life. Join Dr. Anup and Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine to learn and build the container for health and well-being for you and your family.