Growing up in India, one of the cherished features of my life was the art of making home remedies. Many times, these remedies served as first aid for common illnesses, and they often prevented doctor visits. This art has been forgotten with the modernization of the common household. As people became distracted by the high language of science and “infallibility” of the medical system, many in modern generations have given up on cultural knowledge, calling it superstition and quackery.

As all trends cycle back with time, the knowledge of old home remedies and natural medicines for health benefits is becoming more available. Every day, new research studies shed light on various natural herbs, foods, and other therapies for clinical benefits. However, looking at research papers, it isn’t always obvious how one might integrate these into daily life.

The art of home remedies is developed from intimate knowledge of the body and how the body interacts with foods and spices. The effectiveness of the remedies comes from understanding the right place and time of their use. The elegance comes from acute attention to the aesthetic and experience of the user.

The best home remedies demonstrate this combination of Knowledge, Effectiveness, and Elegance.

In this spirit, I would like to share my personal recipe of “Yellow Curry Chicken.” (Vegetarians, please substitute tofu). This recipe (download here) is very anti-inflammatory; it’s best to eat for lunch or an early dinner (two to three hours before bedtime). This dish is a good addition for individuals with inflammatory conditions.