As a medicinal compound that dissolves in fat, CBD can be most effectively applied through oil preparations. Oil preparations have significant advantages over various other preparations that are water or alcohol based…  These include: 1) Pure oil preparations are more stable than sugary confections1, 2) They are low sugar and therefore less inflammatory,2 3) Oil preparations can be made to achieve precise concentrations, 4) Oil preparations are absorbed easily through the skin and digestive system, 5) Oil preparation have longer lasting and more profound medicinal effect.

Basic Clinical Benefits of CBD:

Us humans inherently have a sensitivity to Cannabis. This sensitivity is due to our Endo-cannabinoid system. The functions of the endocannabinoid system are wide ranging. They generally help the body in: 1) stress-recovery, 2) protecting neurons, 3) modulating pain and inflammation, 4) reducing spasms and restlessness, and more.3

  1. Stress-recovery functions are helpful in clients with chronic anxiety related to stress or trauma. Individuals with PTSD have fewer nightmare, better sleep, and reduced mood-swings.
  2. Neuroprotective effect is beneficial after traumatic brain injuries and other physical traumas to the nervous system.
  3. Pain modulating effect of the endocannabinoid system can help to break the chronic pain cycle in painful conditions.
  4. Reduction of spasms is a life changing experience for clients with Multiple sclerosis, crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, IBS, etc. Depending on the individual’s needs the proper application and use will change.

The reason for such wide-spread usefulness of the CBD’s is because endocannabinoid system helps to regulate our hormonal system and inflammatory system. Therefore, supporting regulation of our body function and pain. The results is not just relief, but a feeling of rejuvenation and regeneration of normal function and vital energy.

 CBD Oil Massage:

A benefit of working in an integrative clinic is the opportunity to see creativity of other healers. Recently, a massage therapist in our practice, Will LeVasseur, expressed to me that he would like to start doing CBD oil massages for his clients with chronic pain and joint degeneration. Many of my clients who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, use it topically. They gain great benefit for their mobility, balance, and pain management with topical applications of salve and oils.

Will’s work is very exciting application of this medicine, rarely offered in the field. He is able to give full body treatments, as well as focus on specific regions to help reduce pain4, inflammation5, swelling and degeneration6, as well as nerve pain7. CBD dissolved in oil naturally gives these benefits. But, the addition of therapeutic touch and Will’s knowledge of the body makes it even more beneficial for clients who use this service.

If you are in pain, I welcome you to try this today…


Internal use of CBD oil Preparations:

Edibles are becoming more common as well. However, the most common complaint is that they are unstable, unpredictable and inconsistent. In my experience, they are also very sugary. Excess sugar tends to promote inflammation. Instead Cannabis should be treated like any other powerful medicine.

It can be prepared in specific concentrations by doing a little bit of math and house-hold chemistry. Also, simple oil preparations made with coconut or avocado oil are stable and don’t have any effect on blood sugar. These concentration and dosing should be managed under the care of a medical professional for most effective and economical application of the medicine.

Usually, most of my clients will find 25mg (or less) of CBD dose taken 2-3 times are enough for management of their symptoms. Higher doses are only given when there is more complexity and acute condition occurring. This way, a simple one ounce of high CBD cannabis flower can yield up to 300 doses of medicine. This will last 60-90 days for most my clients.

Again, it is highly recommended that you make these preparations and dosing under the direction of a medical professional.



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