Coffee and Wellness

Coffee can be a potent addition to your wellness plan! It is rich in polyphenols, which include flavonoids. Both of which are potent antioxidants, aiding in cellular health and protection. Flavonoids have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties!

Research has also indicated that coffee consumption can help regulate carbohydrate metabolism supporting insulin sensitivity and reducing risks for diabetes if paired with the appropriate diet and lifestyle.

Be sure to follow these tips to get the most out of your coffee:

  • Avoid ALL sugar sweetened coffee beverages including sweetener alternatives such as aspartame and splenda. Stevia tincture can be okay
  • Use high quality beans as mycotoxins and mold are common in most coffees. For the Seattle area I like Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, Victrola, or Bulletproof Coffee beans.
  • Try to consume no more than one or two cups of coffee a day at the most. Be mindful to consume your last cup before 12:00 pm in order to prevent sleep disturbances and adrenal fatigue.
  • Avoid​ coffee if you are recovering from adrenal fatigue. Green, black, or herbal teas can be an excellent alternative.

Don’t stop there! You can upgrade your cup by making just a few additions. These super foods can take your morning to a new level of health, focus, attention, and adrenal support! If you don’t like coffee or are recovering from adrenal fatigue, you can also add these to tea, broth, or even a plain unsweetened yogurt.

Consider adding these three super foods to your cup. Each deserves their own post where I will go into more detail but don’t wait till then, add these to your cup today!

Collagen Peptides or Gelatin​-For those without a morning appetite, adding some additional protein to your morning coffee can be a great way to make it between meals without putting extra stress on the adrenals. Plus, collagen peptides or gelatin are excellent for gut health, hair and nail growth, and  bioavailable highly absorbable amino acids!! I like Greatlakes and Vital Proteins, be sure the source you choose uses pastured cows. Vital Proteins also has a marine collagen from Red Snapper for those who prefer to avoid beef.

Chaga Mushroom Powder

This super mushroom has a long list of benefits such as cancer prevention, upregulating the immune system, anti-viral properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and increased endurance. I add it to my coffee every morning and have noticed a significant decrease in my Lyme Disease induced fatigue. I like Mountain Rose Herbs but you can find it on Amazon and in health food stores too.

MCT Oil or coconut Oil ​

This fat is highly absorbable and requires little extra work from your body for digestion. It is sent directly to your liver where is has thermogenic effects that positively support your metabolism. It is excellent for weight loss or maintenance, improved focus, brain health, digestion and gut health. MCT oil also supports satiety and will reduce the stress load on the adrenals between meals if you choose to skip breakfast.

If done mindfully, your morning cup of coffee can be an easy way to upregulate your health, focus, and nutrition all in one convenient cup!