Ayurveda, the science of life, is an Indian traditional medicine. It follows the core principle of natural medicine: “when balance is restored, health and wellbeing is inherent.” Among Ayurveda’s vast spectrum of dietary, lifestyle, herbal, and body therapies is a powerful detoxification protocol: Panchakarma.

In this blog post, we are exploring the third stage of the Panchakarma elimination process:


Rejuvenation Through the Practice of Self-Care

After the completion of the detoxification protocol comes the most important stage of the Panchakarma detox, Paschyatkarma. This is the stage of treatment during which the individual’s body, mind, and spirit are rejuvenated and regenerated in ways that reverse disease and restore health.

The Process

The process of rejuvenation is guided by the use rasayana herbs (rejuvenating herbs) as well as herbs specific to each person’s ongoing care. The restoration of the body is done through specific nutritional and dietary protocols that are individually prescribed. The rejuvenating diet, herbs, and a mindful approach to life and daily routines allows the health of body, mind, and spirit to regenerate and maintain the health benefits of the detoxification process.

What to Expect in Paschyatkarma

By this point, the patient has released their body’s toxicants from the diseased tissues (Purvakarma) and they have had their body stimulated and treated to help eliminate these toxins from their relevant pathways of elimination (Panchakarma). Now, the body is empty and clear like a blank canvas. Addressing each patient’s individual needs, our Ayurvedic practitioners will customize nutritional guidance, support a mindful approach to life, and recommend specific daily routines to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit in the wake of the Panchakarma treatment.

Paschyatkarma can feel like returning from a very relaxing or transformative vacation. Individuals feel relaxed and relieved, but may be a little anxious about rejoining life. By this phase, many symptoms and aggravations have significantly subsided. Thus, we enter the process of continuing and sustaining that progress, with individuals feeling motivated and ready to take on this effort. Natural Rhythms’ Ayurvedic practitioners provide clients with a rejuvenative herbal protocol to activate regenerative activity in the body. We support this with dietary recommendations that supply good nutrition for rebuilding, as well as lifestyle recommendations that provide good stimulation for continued healing. Clients are supported with ongoing Ayurvedic counseling to help adapt the recommendations to fit their life. Maintaining these diet and self-care routines lead to the energy, vitality, and longevity that clients seek.

Although many of the recommendations that accompany Pachyatkarma can continue with patients as they move forward in health, Paschyatkarma brings to a close the 3-stage Panchakarma treatment. Through this powerful detoxification and rejuvenation process, patients’ health has been reset and they have been furnished with an effective approach to maintaining wellness and cultivating longevity.


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