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Natural Treatment of ADHD

Natural Medicine for ADHD

In Ayurveda, before treating ADHD, we go into a deeper constitutional assessment to understand the individuals biochemical and physiological make-up. Also, we look at the health and tendencies of the parents, grandparents, and close family to understand the epigenetic make-up of the child. Finally, we assess the environment in which the child lives day-to-day.
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Tolle Totum: Treat the Whole Person at Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine

Tolle Totum: Treat the Whole Person

Tolle Totum is the fifth of naturopathic medicine’s Principles of Practice and focuses on treating the whole person rather than specializing and compartmentalizing treatments.
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Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine on Tolle Causum

Tolle Causum: Identify and Treat the Causes

Our focus at Natural Rhythms is to identify and treat the cause, a practice known as Tolle Causum. By treating the root cause of the disease, we can help to dismantle the foundation of the disease.
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