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Clinical use of Cannabinoids (CBD)

Clinical Application of Cannabis, Cannabiniods (CBD)

Us humans inherently have a sensitivity to Cannabis. This sensitivity is due to our Endo-cannabinoid system. The functions of the endocannabinoid system are wide ranging. They generally help the body in: 1) stress-recovery, 2) protecting neurons, 3) modulating pain and inflammation, 4) reducing spasms and restlessness, and more.
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Cannabinoids for Pain

Using Cannabinoids (CBD) for Pain

Clinical and medicinal use of Cannabis is also a science. It involves a little bit of work, but gives great benefit in many painful conditions. Individuals, who may be otherwise dependent on pharmaceuticals like opioid pain killers, can reduce their dependence with right clinical use of this medicine. 
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Natural Treatment of ADHD

Natural Medicine for ADHD

In Ayurveda, before treating ADHD, we go into a deeper constitutional assessment to understand the individuals biochemical and physiological make-up. Also, we look at the health and tendencies of the parents, grandparents, and close family to understand the epigenetic make-up of the child. Finally, we assess the environment in which the child lives day-to-day.
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Tolle Totum: Treat the Whole Person at Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine

Tolle Totum: Treat the Whole Person

Tolle Totum is the fifth of naturopathic medicine’s Principles of Practice and focuses on treating the whole person rather than specializing and compartmentalizing treatments.
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Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine on Tolle Causum

Tolle Causum: Identify and Treat the Causes

Our focus at Natural Rhythms is to identify and treat the cause, a practice known as Tolle Causum. By treating the root cause of the disease, we can help to dismantle the foundation of the disease.
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