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Panchakarma, the detoxification

Panchakarma: The Detoxification

Dr. Anup Mulakaluri chooses from over 25 main Ayurvedic therapies to encourage and support his patients’ individual detoxification process. He works with patients to understand their needs, their state of health, and the stage of disease. Based on his diagnostics, he then customizes the therapeutic process by carefully selecting the herbs, oils, mode of application, etc., that will best activate the specific organs of elimination to most effectively remove all toxins.
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Paschyatkarma: The Rejuvenation

The restoration of the body is done through specific nutritional and dietary protocols that are individually prescribed. The rejuvenating diet, herbs, and a mindful approach to life and daily routines allows the health of body, mind, and spirit to regenerate and maintain the health benefits of the detoxification process.
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Preparing to Let go

Purvakarma: The Preparation

During Purvakarma, your individualized treatment protocol brings toxins to your body’s elimination channels in preparation for being eliminated. This process draws toxins outward from deep tissues like marrow, bones, muscles, joints, and fatty tissue, and moves them into intermediate organs like blood, liver, kidney, skin, and lungs.
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