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What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is peace, relaxing and healing.

Massage Therapy is a bodywork modality designed to create muscle tissue change. Each muscle has its own function and position within the body, and when maintained well doesn’t show any issues or cause us pain. However when out of balance, dehydrated, “stuck together” with adhesions, or any number of other issues, they produce pain and slight-to-severe loss of function. The goal of massage therapy is to regain fun
ctionality, reduce pain, and allow the patient to return to their lives with tools to prevent reoccurrence.

How does Massage Therapy work?

By manipulating the muscle tissue with pressure and various techniques, a massage therapist uses hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, palms, etc. to elongate and open up stuck fibers or break up adhesions to allow the muscle to move and flow easier.

Does Massage hurt?

The image of a patient being thrown around the table by a therapist who acts like a personal meat tenderizer sadly still haunts this profession. Massage therapy is designed to help, not create more pain. Will there be some muscle soreness when adhesions are broken up, or muscles are gently stretched? Yes. But, not all cases call for deep tissue massage and each person will experience a different level of pressure that is comfortable to and set by the patient. Massage therapists will not impose any treatment that is beyond what the patient is willing to experience. It is a balance between change that is needed, and the comfort of the patient.

What conditions can Massage Therapy target?

  • Trauma and injury of muscle tissue
  • Acute and chronic muscle issues/syndromes
  • Releasing and aligning scar tissue
  • Rehabilitating tissues post surgery
  • Loss of mobility and/or flexibility
  • Stress, anxiety, and worry

Massage Therapy at Natural Rhythms:

At Natural Rhythms, we pride in providing integrative team-care… That is, when you work with more than one of us, we work for you as a team. Massage therapy is available as a stand alone treatment or as part of your healing protocol with a team of practitioners. Our massage therapist, Will Le Vassuer works in concert with our Chiropractor, Acupuncturists, and Primary-care doctor as needed. If your insurance requires pre-approval prescription of massage for coverage, just ask our front desk to set up a short visit our chiropractor or primary-care doctor.