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Dr. Anup, Shamanic Healer, at Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine

Dr. Anup, Shamanic Healer

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an all-encompassing term for the pre-historic and indigenous spiritual and healing traditions from all around the world. As implied by the broad scope of this term, Shamanic practices and rituals offered might vary from practitioner to practitioner. In essence, Shamanic practices invite the spiritual forces that influence and support our physical health, our mind, our relationships, and various circumstances of life. In this way, a Shamanic practitioner facilitates a blessing, spiritual insights, inspirations, and creative solutions as well as physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual healing.


What are Shamanic ceremonies?

Shamanic practices are rituals and ceremonies that are designed to manifest the dream of the soul. This dream is our destiny. Some say that people come to this Earth “to create” and “to learn to love.” Our destiny is the great potential of our capacity to create and to love.

In ceremony, a celebrant or ceremonialist facilitates a blessing and sanctification of the celebrated moments of life. Ceremonies empower individuals, couples, families, and spaces. Ceremonies aid in crystalizing intentions for healing, letting go, and transforming through individual and group processes. Some ceremonial services offered are:

  • Baby blessings
  • Coming of age
  • Weddings
  • Death or celebration of life
  • House or office blessings


What are Shamanic rituals?

Shamanic rituals offer ways to induce meditative states and access the deepest wisdom of our nature, our psyche. With guidance, we are able to access spiritual vision, insight, and support to heal, transform, and empower an individual. Most Shamanic rituals are offered as adjunct to naturopathic counseling services or a spiritual mentorship.

What is a Spiritual Mentorship? A great ocean of peace and joy may be entered when we are able to live our life freely and in ways that have deep meaning to us. Often the obstacles that keep us from this life are the stepping stones to ascending the heights of our spiritual expression. A spiritual mentor is a guide, an ally, a teacher, and a cheerleader. The mentee is supported by spiritual counsel, healing rituals, and learning cross-cultural spiritual practices for self-empowerment. The intention of a spiritual mentorship is to help the mentee develop clarity and insight, cultivate spiritual practice, and have direct experiences as well as to thrive in self-sufficiency and resilience.


What are healing rituals?

Healing rituals are intuitive and spirit-guided sessions that help clients overcome mental, emotional, and spiritual obstacles to improve and achieve health and well-being. Clients are empowered with spiritual insights, personal rituals, and continued practices that support personal spiritual growth. Some of the healing rituals that Dr. Anup offers include:

  • Heart walk: This intuitive journey through the four-chambered heart enables Dr. Anup to access the wisdom of the open, full, clear, and strong heart to help patients relieve the pain and suffering of living with a closed, broken, confused, or weak heart.
  • Cord-cutting: This ritual aids in severing the psychic and energetic cords that bind us to the past and affect our present in the form of emotional distress and trauma. Past relationships, traumatic events, and abusive circumstances can deeply injury the psyche; cord-cutting helps to let go and heal from these haunting moments.
  • Soul retrieval: Through common traumas, circumstances, or situations during someone’s life, it’s possible for the soul to become disintegrated. This ritual focuses on locating, recovering, and re-integrating lost parts of the soul.


How does Shamanism help?

Dr. Anup, Shamanic Healer, at Natural Rhythms Integrative Medicine

Let nature provide your answers.

Shamanic practices were developed by tribal and indigenous healers throughout history. Shamans have always accessed wisdom through observing the landscapes, animals, symbols, and energies in Nature all around them. Nature reflects the deep psyche and truth of our own personal nature. Observing our surroundings as omens and guides unfolds the wisdom that nature wishes to impart. Nature supports us in manifesting the dream of the soul, our destiny, the great potential of our capacity to love and to create.

Moreover, Shamanic practices impart blessings of the Spiritual world, enabling our guides, angels, and spiritual allies to hold us in their guidance and protection. Shamanic practices awaken the blessing of our ancestors to help us break harmful familial patterns.

Ultimately, Shamanic practices are our spiritual inheritance, passed down to us for our own spiritual development. These rituals and ceremonies become powerful personal practices to access spiritual ascent.